About Kobus

Aboutbranding TM provides the visual tools to create this link between your product and its image. It is our aim is to ensure that our client’s total look – from your own personal brand to that of your personnel, business premises, events, vehicles and every possible brand-able space, is branded to it’s most effective and maximum capacity. We aim to create the WOW factor that every business needs to be successful and visible.



About Branding recently branded a  gorgeous mobile Coffee Shack for Kerry Jean Coffee. We see it as our loving contribution to all coffee lovers out there who really cant make it out of bed without a serious dose of coffee. If you need any vehicle wrapping or have inspirations for a small mobile business set up, let us help you! call Kobus on                       082 449 1389/ sales@aboutbranding.co.za.

Coffee Shack Mobile Trailer back coffee shack 2



Bring nature indoors with mind-blowing murals


Need to impress? Or just bored with the blank spaces in your house or office? A wall mural can dramatically change the look and feel  of any space.  Aside from the decorative aspect, murals can also effectively be used for branding and advertising. Dare to take the plunge? Call Kobus at About Branding for a quote. Let’s work with your ideas!

Kobus@aboutbranding.co.za | www.aboutbranding.co.za

Wall mural desiretoinspire.com Found on housetohome.co.uk Images courtesy of www.desiretoinspire.net and www.housetohome.co.uk

Schools using Branding Space

Abbotts Collage is making sure they have the edge on visibility and making sure they are on the list of the public’s choices of schools and promoting the perfect image.

Vehicle Branding is owning your own advertising space and the correct use of it will maximize your visibility in the market. It will save and make money for you and that is what business is about.

Vehicle Branding

Vehicle Branding