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Does your company need a billboard? Or would it be even better if your whole office block was a static advert? We wish we could take credit for this brilliant Dairy Milk billboard, but we cant. Wrap your building , print interesting wallpapers or simply add large banners for more visibility . If you can dream it, chances are that we can build and print it.  About Branding specializes in the impressive super structures that you see next to the highways and provides engineering certificates to go with the structures. If a 10m high by 40m wide billboard is part of your marketing strategy, let us know!

Let us assist you with:

  • Billboards
  • PVC Banners; large banners
  • Vinyl, vinyl printing
  • Canvas, canvas printing
  • Wallpaper, wallpaper printing
  • Mesh printing
  • Contra vision / perforated vinyl
  • Paper Prints (Posters)
  • Building wraps

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